It’s against conventional advice to do anything without a strong reason, but as I had no tangible reason to publish this book, perhaps nothing could convince me to give it up.

How I Bootstrapped My Novel to Reality on the Lumi blog

Optics and subtle cues matter. If kids absorb lessons from who’s on TV, then the rest of us undoubtedly absorb messages from just about every app we touch.

How ordinary tech workers can improve the industry's diversity on Fast Company

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But I am stubborn. I choose optimism. As Mr. Roger says, I look for the helpers.

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Creative confidence is being so comfortable in your own truth that you are able to just make things.

Interview with Maria Molfino

The Firesteel

A novel

The wild woman roadtrip guide

This is not the path I chose. Change is not a single series of boxes we check off and forget.

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Imagine a universe where we talk about our brains openly and treat getting help like a vital part of wellness, not a character flaw.

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When you understand a thing, you can use it. You can divert its power. When you fear something, you can only run from it.

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Bad bitch tank

I re-examine my descriptions of him and replace he with she. I realize that I am now this man.

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I wanted to be in a melting pot because I wanted to be able to melt away at will. I wanted the power of invisibility with none of the radioactive consequences.

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New user orientation

Never put yourself in a position where you’ll be treated as foolish for learning.

Finding your color at Creative Mornings SF

While being a philosophical badass and thinking about the mind-spirit all day, Spinoza earned wages making lenses and other scientific instruments.

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Finding friendly work environments

Moderated at Twitter’s Women in UX event

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Many important things in life happen in just ten minutes.

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Figure out what makes you tick. You don’t have to go the same way as everyone else.

Your Secret Sauce at Hike Con

Burnout is America’s favorite spectator sport. We regard it as justice. It’s the price people pay for flying too close to the sun, for toeing the line between greatness and madness.

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New user orientation

What skills do you need to become a UI designer?

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Bow head in embarrassment. Hit head on table. Good meeting, everyone.

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The thing that remained was my love for a boy I met when I was eighteen years old.

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At its best, the web’s powerful and sexy. It makes us feel like tiny gods again. But, the aluminum and plastic shells are really just membranes.

Tiny Gods in Offscreen

People who build things share a particular esprit de corps. So many foundational principles, such as contrast or respect for the user, carry over to other media.

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Modern media has changed our stories. We are all over the world and constantly interrupted.

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Type bits

We are makers, pixel poets, paper-molesting war mongers, stitching the standards of international revolutions.

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I live in a city. I can keep plants and animals alive. I use words like frenemy.

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A part of me still yearns for New York City—the Bay seems to value honesty above all, while in the East Coast, there is some love for a good show.

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